10 New Things You Didn’t Know About Baji Tokyo Revengers

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If you’re a fan of Baji Tokyo Revengers , then you’ll love the Tokyo Revengers ! In this blog we read 10 New Things You Didn’t Know About Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers. This group of bajiquarian hails from the Japanese capital and is dedicated to promoting the art of baji Tokyo Revengers , or Chinese boxing, in a fun and welcoming way. They offer classes for all levels of students, and there’s never a dull moment when they’re training – even their competitions are packed with excitement! If you’re looking for something fun and creative to do in Tokyo, then check out the Tokyo Revengers!

baji tokyo revengers pfp
baji tokyo revengers

Keisuke Baji (場地バジ圭介けいすけ, Baji Keisuke?) was a member of Valhalla. He was also a founding member and the First Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang

Just when you think that there aren’t any surprises left in the world of Tokyo Revengers , you come across an article like this. For years, Tokyo Revengers anime series was one of the most popular franchises in the world. The more well-loved a series is, the more fans will try to learn everything they can about its world and characters.

Indeed, there are very characters as mysterious and enigmatic as Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers

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Japanese name of Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers

場地 圭介

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Gender


Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Age

10 New Things You Didnt Know About Baji Tokyo Revengers 2
Baji Tokyo Revengers age

14 (2005)
13 (2003)
26 (2017)

31 {2022}

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Birthday

November 3, 1990

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Height

175 cm (5’9”)

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Weight

58 kg (128 lbs)

Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Blood Type


Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Hair Color


Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Eye Color


Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Relatives

Baji family Ryoko Baji (mother)

10 New Things You Didnt Know About Baji Tokyo Revengers 3

baji tokyo revengers death

He’s a controversial character – some people love him and some people hate him. However you feel, there may be a few things you didn’t know about Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers

Baji lets Kazutora know that he won’t be the one to kill him, and cuts himself. Chifuyu hurries to Baji’s side inquiring as to why he got it done, while Kazutora rises and tells Mikey he will kick the bucket alongside Baji; Mikey lets Kazutora know that he will pound the life out of him. Takemichi asks what Baji needed to accomplish by wounding himself. Baji tells Takemichi that Kisaki is the foe, something he understood when he saw Kisaki offering Mikey Pah-jaw’s opportunity in return for the situation as Third Division Commander. He doesn’t consider Kisaki the Third Division Commander, saying that main Pah-jawline will be the Third Division Skipper. Baji says the six establishing individuals from Toman are his fortune, and in spite of the fact that he couldn’t fix Toman all alone, Mikey has no great explanation to kill Kazutora now, as Baji kicked the bucket by his own hands. Approaching demise, Baji lets Takemichi know that he helps him to remember Shinichiro, and says he is leaving Mikey and Toman in Takemichi’s grasp, to which Takemichi cries, telling Baji not to pass on.

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Keisuke Baji Tokyo Revengers Personality

Baji has a wild personality. He loves the thrill of adrenaline and Mikey himself says that he would punch someone out on the street for no apparent reason, only because he feels like it. In combat, he is never without his trademark grin

how tall is baji tokyo revengers

175 cm (5’9”) tall is baji tokyo revengers .Baji is a tall teenager with long, slightly wavy, shoulder-length jet-black hair.

Baji Tokyo Revengers
Baji Tokyo Revengers

baji tokyo revengers voice actor

Lucien Dodge is the English dub voice of Keisuke Baji in Tokyo Revengers, and Masaaki Mizunaka is the Japanese voice.

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