How To Draw Anime Female Girl Body Step By Step

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how to draw a Full Body anime female Girl step-by-step. All of the tutorials are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow; they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw anime step by step. 🥰 

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What You’ll Learn in this Tutorial ?

  1. Basic shapes behind anime eyes
  2. Styles of anime eyes
  3. How to draw anime eyes step by step

Materials Needed for the Guide ?

  1. A piece of paper
  2. Graphite pencils from the gradation 2H, 4B, and 8B
  3. A compass
  4. A ruler
  5. A blending tool
  6. An eraser
  7. A white gel pen/fine liner

To draw this anime female Girl , follow the step-by-step drawings below  🤩 

How To Draw Anime Female Girl Body Step By Step
How To Draw Anime Female Girl Body Step By Step

We will learn how to draw amine girl easily and simply, going through the process of refining a simple sketch into a more refined anime girl drawing. A anime girl’s drawing can seem intimidating because creating realistic features can be difficult to achieve.

the essential standards of building the male and female bodies are really something very similar, yet by and by there are a few clear contrasts, which we depict exhaustively in this illustration about how to draw an anime young female body.

If you are drawing a female head for the first time, it won’t be an easy task. It takes many years of practice and experience.

Female Head

Start off by drawing a cross facing directly toward you. Draw a pentagon shape around the crossto make it easier. Also add a hair line just on top of the pentagon shape as shown. The height of the hair line is about 1/2 of the pentagon shape.

The next step is to draw the outlines of the eyes.

In this case, it is an oval eyes, just follow the same procedure on how to draw a female eyes earlier. Just remember to draw the eyes proportional to the character face. The distance between the two eyes are about 1.2 of the eyes width.

Then draw a rough sketch of the chin near the bottom of the pentagon shape. The distance between the chin and the center of the cross is less than 2 of the eyes height. If the face is facing directly toward you, then the width of the neck should be about a little larger than distance between the two eyes.

Untitled design 2

When the eyes are done. Start off by drawing the eyebrows and the nose curve down from the center of the cross. Then draw a simple mouth below the nose.

After start drawing the face line. The face line should be drawn roughly around the pentagon shape.

When drawing a face line remember that you are drawing a person not a robot (don’t draw the face line in a straight line, but make it curvy). The last thing to draw is the ears. The top of the ear is just below the height of the eyes, and the ear lobes should be just below the bottom of the eyes.

The final step is to refine the hairs that you have sketch earlier from the hair line. back bang toward the shoulder.

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Tips to Remember to draw anime female girl

  1. Take your time. Make sure you consider which colors pair well with the different features of the face.
  2. Be sure to work out the facial form in pencil. You want to get the facial structure drawn correctly before moving on to adding in color.
  3. Use a reference for guidance. We do not use a reference image in this tutorial, but you may look at images of faces to assist you in the drawing process.
  4. Experiment with different color values. Different colors can create different vibes within the drawing, so play around with different color combinations.
  5. Have fun! Enjoy the process of learning a new skill of how to draw a girl with colored pencils.
  6. Consider light and shadow. Think about the protrusions and bulging of different features on the face that will cause shadows and be more exposed to the light source.

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