10 New Things You Didn’t Miss About Izana Tokyo Revengers

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If you’re a fan of  Izana Tokyo Revengers , then you’ll love the Tokyo Revengers ! In this blog we read 10 New Things You Didn’t miss About Izana Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers is one of my favorite and popular manga and anime series. IZANA Tokyo Revengers One of the main reasons for this is the characters in the manga and anime .

Izana Kurokawa is 165 cm tall and weighs 58 kg. Izana Kurokawa has earthy colored skin and purple eyes. He likewise wears hoops on the two ears. Izana’s skin is tan since one of his folks is Southeast Asian, in particular a Filipino.You could say Izana is Mikey’s step-sibling.

Izana Tokyo Revengers Gender


Izana Tokyo Revengers Age

36 (2023 )

31 (2018 )
29 (2017)
18 (2006)

Izana Tokyo Revengers Birthday

August 30, 1987

Izana Tokyo Revengers Height

165 cm (5’5”)

Izana Revengers Weight

58 kg (128 lbs)

Blood Type


Hair Color

Bleach blond

Eye Color



Sano family

izana tokyo revengers personality

Izana Tokyo Revengers 3
izana tokyo revengers personality

Izana had the chance of being the caring merciful senior sibling he was the point at which he left Emma, yet because of his years alone, became savage and brutal. Has he become deranged as well as, he takes a stab at outright power due to being vulnerable as a youngster and presently has a disdain for his “kin

Izana Kurokawa had the chance of being a sympathetic more seasoned sibling when he left Emma, yet because of long stretches of being distant from everyone else, Izana has become horrible and pompous. Has he become insane as well as he makes progress toward outright power having felt feeble as a kid and presently has contempt for his “kin”.

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how old is izana tokyo revengers ?


how tall is izana tokyo revengers ?

165 cm (5’5”)

who killed izana tokyo revengers ?

Yes, in the anime Tokyo revengers, Izana dies. Izana died by Kisaki’s gun protecting Kakucho

Before he passed on, Izana uncovered that he was not an organic relative of the Sano family, but rather that he and Emma were both escort’s posterity. In spite of this, Mikey’s granddad acknowledged them into the Sano family as kids. Shinichiro Sano, Izana’s senior stepbrother, turned into the individual he admired the most as he turned out to be nearer to him. Izana would later leave the Sano family and go off on his own experience.

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