10 New Things You Didn’t Know About Kisaki Tokyo Revengers

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If you’re fan of Kisaki Tokyo Revengers , then you’ll love the Tokyo Revengers ! In this blog we read 10 New Things You Didn’t Know About Kisaki Tokyo Revengers. This group of bajiquariaaan hails from the Japanese capital and is dedicated to promoting the art of Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers 

Tetta Kisaki is the main femous of Tokyo Revengers. Kisaki Tetta is 164 cm tall and weighs 58 kg. Kisaki Tettahas earthy colored skin and gray eyes.

Kisaki Tokyo RevengersJapanese

稀咲 鉄太

Kisaki Tokyo Revengers Gender


Kisaki Tokyo Revengers Age

31 (2023)

Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers Birthday date

January 20, 1992

Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers Height

164 cm (5’4”)

Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers Weight

58 kg (128 lbs)[1]

Blood Type


Hair Color


Eye Color


10 New Things You Didn’t Know About Baji Tokyo Revengers

Does Tetta Kisaki Die?

Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers 2
Does Tetta Kisaki Die?

As I expressed sooner than, it’s in our tendency to look the Antagonist/Adversary get the most terrible cure, yet while the indistinguishable characters is disappearing or passes on, they eliminate the storyline’s juice with them

Tetta Kisaki’s Passing!

Kisaki kicks the bucket simultaneously as hoping to escape from Takemichi. His total arrangement became out inside the open and became cornered. Subsequently, he had no other option except for to out of control. The episode occurs while he stops to answer Takemichi’s inquiry of whether he time traveled or presently not.
Notorious “Truck-kun” strikes again!

He passes on in the wake of getting hit by an expedient truck. The extreme effect aired out his head and he experienced basic harm all around his body. Before long, he passed on from blood misfortune and colossal harm.

His way of death transformed into pretty miserable. In the wake of getting hit, he endeavored to stand anyway the outrageous harm didn’t allow him to try and move his body. He changed into shouting, “I dont’ need to kick the bucket… “, however not long after that shout he died!

According to my viewpoint, killing one of the greatest vital person(the principal adversary of the assortment) in any such way is very astounding. Furthermore, in the event that his destruction wasn’t sufficient, only second before the effect, he become going to answer Takemichi’s question about his time-venture!

Discuss a preposterous cliffhanger! However there might be a couple of wish. Great part is that the manga stays in serialization. Thus, we can expect the mangaka to show a few hints.

Tetta Kisaki Demise Section!
Tetta Kisaki bites the dust in Section 185.

He produced the results on the quit of Section 184 and lost his life inside the beginning of Part 185.
Decent that the mangaka didn’t invest an inordinate measure of energy around a couple of other individual’s stance!

How did Kisaki Tetta become the leader of Toman (Tokyo revengers)?

New Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Character and Release Date

The greater part of them, he never truly did, yet essentially controlled Mikey, who was as yet Toman’s leader.

Over the course of Takemichi’s time jump trips, the present-day Toman would routinely change and add individuals. As a criminal association, Toman was told by its superb chief, Manjiro Sano otherwise known as Mikey, and his second-in-order, Tetta Kisaki.

Compliant to them are the association’s Top Administrators, trailed by Administrators, then, at that point, the pack’s made men. Toman’s division framework was abrogated and its Chiefs were supplanted with Administrators.

By Takemichi’s fourteenth time jump, a third chief was presented, Izana Kurokawa, Manjiro Sano’s supportive more seasoned sibling, who, fundamentally, filled in as Toman’s great chief to fill in his bosses’ delinquencies.

Essentially, Toman’s top organization comprises of a superb pioneer followed by his second and third-in-orders, otherwise known as Mikey, Kisaki and Izana in a specific order.

On the off chance that Mikey kicked the bucket or vanished, Kisaki become the great chief, and in the event that Mikey and Kisaki both vanished, Izana would thus turn into the excellent pioneer.

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