10 New Things You Didn’t Miss About Sanzu Tokyo Revengers

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If you’re a fan of  Sanzu Tokyo Revengers , then you’ll love the Tokyo Revengers ! In this blog we read 10 New Things You Didn’t miss About Sanzu Tokyo Revengers. This group of bajiquariaan hails from the Japanese capital and is dedicated to promoting the art of Sanzu Tokyo Revengers , or Chinese boxing, in a fun and welcoming way.

Tokyo Revengers is one of my favorite manga and anime series. Sanzu Tokyo Revengers One of the main reasons for this is the characters in the manga.

The Vice-Leader of the Kanto Manji Gang is Haruchiyo Akashi, also known as Haruchiyo Sanzu, who later joined Yasuhiro Muto in Tenjiku.

Indeed, there are very characters as mysterious and enigmatic as Sanzu Tokyo Revengers .

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sanzu tokyo revengers

Sanzu Tokyo Revengers japanese name

明司 春千夜



Sanzu Tokyo Revengers Age

33 {2023}

28 (2018)
18 (2008)
16 (2006)

Sanzu Tokyo Revengers Birthday

July 3, 1990

Sanzu Tokyo Revengers Height

172 cm (5’8”)


55 kg (121 lbs)

Blood Type


Hair Color

Rosy pink (manga)
Bleach blond (anime)


  • Akashi family
Sanzu Tokyo Revengers
sanzu tokyo revengers

Additionally filled in as the Fifth Division Bad habit Chief of the Tokyo Manji Posse two years before the establishing of Kanto Manji. He is Bonten’s Number 2 in an alternate course of events of the present.

Haruchiyo is normal in level with long, blushing hair that is pink as seen in manga (fade blonde for the vivified variant) and eyes that are downturned with enormous eyelashes.

He has piercings in the right ear and extremely durable scars around the lips’ corners. Haruchiyo is additionally referred to for having a similar appearance as the more youthful kin, Senju Kawaragi.

He for the most part wears his Kanto Manji Group uniform. While he was an individual from his posse, the Tokyo Manji Group, Haruchiyo wore its standard uniform and wore a dark cover to conceal his injuries.

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At the point when he was more youthful and had a more limited hairdo, he kept his hair pulled aside, and afterward re-gelled in the center. He never wore a cover until meeting Yasuhiro Muto.

Sanzu Tokyo Revengers 1

At 18 years old, Haruchiyo’s red hair is styled into a prolonged mullet that stretches out to his shoulder. He likewise has a Bonten tattoo that is on his right lower arm, and four piercings in every ear. He is much of the time wearing conventional garments.

Haruchiyo’s eye tone varies as often as possible. The eyes of Haruchiyo are dark in the anime yet are displayed as having blue, and green, eyes that are yellow and blue in the manga.

Haruchiyo has stood firm on different footholds all through different pasts and fates. He is Mikey’s appointee. Bonten’s number two, the ongoing bad habit head of the Kanto Manji Posse. Likewise the previous bad habit commander of the Toman Fifth Divisio. This made him the most remarkable individual from the posse away from Mikey.

Haruchiyo has demonstrated to be a gifted soldier. He is much of the time portrayed involving a weapon in battle. It was shown that Haruchiyo was sufficiently able to assume the staggeringly powerful couple of Ran and Rindo Haitani. He likewise handily crushed Senju Kawaragi, his more youthful sister.She was once viewed as one of the Three Divinities, however he added that this was part of the way because of him having care for her. He was seen using a katana to fight Tenjiku’s old hardest rival Kakucho, with himself getting the high ground.

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